From Man to God-Man


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This is the story of Swami Sivananda who, from being a doctor in the Malayan rubber plantations, raised himself to the status of a God-Man in the Himalayas, India. It builds up the events that lead to the fulfilment of his fervent aspiration— “I must realise God now!”

The volume describes vividly the severe austerities the Master underwent during his days of spiritual practice, the founding of the Divine Life Society and his interaction with seekers and others.




The author describes the Master as follows:

“He was indeed a strange Hindu monk. He shaved his head, but wore an English overcoat in winter. An Indian to the core, he yet wrote in English. He came from an orthodox Brahmin stock, but his catholicity embraced even an untouchable in its sweep. He ran an Ashram without a syllabus. He displayed no miracles in public, but his devotees the world over, affirmed and reaffirmed that he had wrought miracles in their lives.”

This most fascinating volume is transforming the lives of numerous devotees of the Divine Master as well as others the world over.

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